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Donna - Injury Free and Increasing Speed

One of our runners - Injury free and increasing her speed!

Having been running to keep fit for the last 5 years and during the last two years being prone to injury and having to pull out of races such as The Bristol Half and pulling out of a Team Relay event at The London Triathlon in 2011 having a very bad hamstring injury and again through a broken bone in my right foot in 2010, when Mags Donovan recommended The Running School in Bristol and being taught how to run properly and avoid injury. What did I have to lose!!!  Now I know absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!!!

I wish I had done it sooner, if someone had said to me I can teach to you run properly 5 years ago I would have done it without hesitation knowing what I know now.  I went to see Chris for a consultation back in February 2012 and have not looked back.  Session one was daunting having to try and run out of your own comfort zone and technique knowing that they way you were running was not right.  Session 2 better, session 3 even better, going away from the hour with Chris and taking on board everything he told me the exercises to do, technique, you have to listen and take the information away and do them away from the one hour session, otherwise what is the point of being there if you don't practice what is being shown/taught to you, what a difference it has made to my running capabilities!!!  I have done everything Chris has told me to do away from the sessions and took on board what was said and I am more than aware now of how I run and technique, no niggles, no pain, no injuries - amazing.  Session 4,5, and 6 being pushed past what I consider to be my boundaries which I have always been afraid of pushing too hard thinking I may injure myself again but no, all about self belief as well that you can do it, but it helps to be pushed as well, out of your comfort zone and know that really yes I can do this.

Watching the video of session 1 and session 6, oh my, what a difference!!!!!!  Looking at session was I felt embarrassed at the way I was running and I can see now why I was prone to injuries, I almost looked like a pathetic runner in my eyes and then session 6 was a major transformation.  I hasten to add that I have signed up for 6 more sessions to improve my speed now as I was not confident in running fast and always said that I was built for comfort and not speed but now I know I can run faster as it has been proved in the first 6 sessions, so onwards and upwards and let's hope I can achieve my personal best in the Bristol 10k on May 20th.  Keeping all those tips, hints and exercises that Chris has taught me always in the forefront of my mind as I feel now I have been conditioned to do things properly and correctly in my style of running.

If anyone has any doubts about joining The Running School then don't - it is so very worth it