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Sue Paull - Running School Member

Having spent 6 months undergoing physiotherapy to help my ITB syndrome, I was still getting that classic ITB related knee pain when running and was completely frustrated.  My physiotherapist knew there was a technique issue but didn’t know how to correct it – out of ideas that more physio could help with, she knew of the running school in Bristol and recommended I give it a try.

From video analysis, everything about my technique (whether good or bad!) was explained to me, it made complete sense as to why I got this pain and moreover, why changing the way I was running could help.    Chris taught me not only how to improve the way I was running but also gave me strengthening exercises to back this up – a handbook was sent to me which contained information about nutrition, hydration, warm up exercises and so on – a  great holistic approach to better running.

After 4 sessions with Chris, my ITB pain has disappeared and although it did take some getting used to, the new technique is now feeling natural. Another benefit is I am now running at a 9 minute mile pace (previously 10 minutes was more my thing!)

I cannot emphasize highly enough the benefits I have seen from my course and I’m looking forward to smashing my PB in the Bath Half 2012. It’s seriously worth doing – even if I hadn’t gone in with knee pain, I would still have gained so much as my improved technique has really picked up my pace and I feel much more confident about my running.   I’m sure I shall be back to learn more.