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Jess Whatley - Testimonial

After spending 3 frustrating years dealing with the most annoying injury that on the surface doesn't look or sound bad I have finally found some relief with Shockwave therapy!

I own SB Fitness,a boxing/ martial arts / strength & conditioning gym and I specialise in coaching boxing which means I constantly train boxers to hit focus mitts....probably the worst profession if you suffer from Golfers elbow as punches have damaged my tendons over the years.

After meeting Chris the Physio I realised all the gadgets/ techniques I had been using weren't worth it,or I had been using them in the wrong order.

He explained the right approach using shockwave therapy which basically breaks down and damages your muscle tissue and focuses on the root of the problem which is your tendons/ligaments.

Yes it's very painful at the time...however the next day you feel the benefits.Your body has to rebuild itself because the machine damages you,so with the combined use of the electrical muscle stimulator afterwards Chris explained where I had been going wrong in the past,so we concentrated on strengthening my forearms using eccentric ( slow on the downward phase of lifting something up) and I started to improve as I wasn't straining my elbow.

I can honestly say I am 80% better now,and more importantly that's with continuing with training clients,I think if I rested completely I would be cured!

Give it a go,spend some money and it will be worth it I guarantee it,expect to have 5-6 sessions and you will get results and the pain will disappear, Chris will help you with the future to keep strengthening those forearms!