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Sports Specific Screening

What is Sport Specific Musculoskeletal Profiling?

Apart from being a mouthful it has become a vital tool in the Physiotherapists box for preventing injury.

Different sports require different patterns of movement or biomechanics; placing a variety of stress and strains upon the body depending on what sport you play.

Over the recent years Physiotherapists and Sports governing bodies have been using musculoskeletal profiling as the fundamental basis of injury prevention in sport.

The process is an in depth series of questions and tests in order to identify 'weak links' or potential problems which may predispose an athlete to injury.

What does it involve?

The Physiotherapist will ask many questions relating to your general health and sport, such as, activity levels, past injuries, current training regimes, equipment etc. This is known as the subjective assessment.

An objective assessment then follows and involves a series of tests and measurements to determine if you have tight/strong/long/short/over active/under active muscles, stiff or unstable joints and postural concerns.

The information gathered could reveal risk factors to injury from which interventions can be implemented to address any significant findings.

An individually tailored preventative exercise programme is devised from the data gathered from the profiling process.

The above format is undertaken in the clinic setting, however, if required Bristol physiotherapy Clinic has Video Analysis to further identify any technical problems, often working in conjunction with the player's coach.

Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic carries out Profiling procedures for the English Golf Union, English Women's Golf Association and Great Britain Synchronised Swimming. We also use the same system recently upgraded by the Lawn Tennis Association for tennis players and have developed our own for runners.

Profiling is essential to elite athletes but is a really helpful tool for athletes of all standards who want to enjoy their particular sport and minimise the risk of injury.