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Dynamic Movement Skills

We have developed a unique Dynamic Movement Skills Training System that primarily stimulates the neural system and can significantly improve motor skills, and movement patterns in as little as six weeks.

Through a series of game related movements, children develop and eventually perfect a variety of motor skills which help them with balance, rhythm, coordination and agility. These skills ultimately help them to increase competence and confidence in running, functional movement and sport.

The DMS Junior System is for children from the age of 5 to 11 years old. It helps to develop, improve and refine Gross Motor Skills, and through this helps to develop coordination, quick feet, balance and body control, which are important components in all sporting activity.

Our DMS Youth System (ages 12-16) is a progression of the Junior system and as well as developing and improving Gross Motor Skills is also used to develop speed, quickness, co-ordination, dynamic balance, core control and explosiveness.

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) Pro is simply the most complete training methodology that exists for the development of speed, explosiveness, agility, quick feet and turning ability. No other tool works in all three planes of motion and in all directions (including backwards!!).

The DMS system has been researched and tested over many years and is backed-up by proven research into developing children physically as well as mentally. We have over 20 years experience in coaching movement, running, agility and speed in children and adults from a variety of sports.

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