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Roland Pratt - Testimonial

As a relatively fit 55 year old I decided to run the Bristol 10k. I expanded my normal gym training to include one run a week and gradually worked towards the 10k distance. I found the increase running activity led to extreme leg fatigue in my hamstrings and although I managed the 10k I ended up at the osteopath’s fearing the conclusion would be I was just to old. To my surprise the diagnosis was poor running technique and the 2nd surprise there was a place in Bristol where you could learn to run "The running school” based in Redland. This is where I met Chris Kay who introduced me to world of biomechanics, cadence , foot strike , circular leg motion, etc. A little apprehensive that I would be able to make any significant adjustments to my running I embarked on a 6 lesson course. Gradually Chris with his creative communication of the concepts, always with several suggestions if I didn’t get it first time, reconstructed my running technique. Six months later I run further, faster and with more confidence than at any other time in my life with little or no leg fatigue