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Sports Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient system that applies certain principles and techniques to specific acute or chronic injuries and/or illnesses. It translates as "union” or "to unite” and aims towards re-balancing the physical, mental and emotional states of the body. So there’s the understanding that one goes in hand with the other, everything is connected, so by working on one aspect you’ll also reap benefits in other areas as well, enhancing and promoting an overall balanced lifestyle of health and well being. 

Yoga Therapy is an emerging profession that has resulted from the popularity of yoga in the western world. Here at Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic we look more specific into injury prevention as well as rehabilitation and focus on the physical body. We’ll help you find greater range of movement, core strength and stability as well as flexibility to improve postural alignment and iron out imbalances in the body, one of the major causes of injury. 

Following an initial assessment where we also look at the biomechanics of your chosen sport and how it relates to the requirements you come to see us with, we will move through a series of mat based sequences tailored to you, whereby we first set up a solid foundation in each exercise to then progressively move into the different Yoga poses. 


The benefits of a regular and consistent practice are numerous.

  •         Increase your core strength and stability to train and race stronger for longer
  •         Increase flexibility of muscles, tissues, as well as length of the fascia and connective tissue in your body to move back to your natural shape and form
  •         Speed up recovery time from training and racing, get support during rehabilitation to get on your feet (or bike) again sooner
  •         Prevent and avoid the usual aches and pains that often come e.g. when increasing miles in your training schedule
  •         Reduce back and neck pain, headaches and other chronic pain
  •         Improve postural alignment and body awareness
  •         Learn how to breathe deeply and fully again so your body can direct more oxygen, energy and nourishment to your muscles, tissues and cells and all systems of your body           to function again powerfully
  •         Improve circulation, digestion, hormonal balance as well as immune functions
  •         Mentally, it can improve your alertness, concentration, sleep patterns, improve your ability to relax, and reduce stress and anxiety to keep race nerves under control
  •         Increase your energy and find an overall sense of well-being


At Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic we offer you the following ways to experience Yoga:

One hour 1:1 introductory assessment – we’ll discuss your personal goals and injuries, assess your posture and identify any muscle imbalances, introduce the Yoga concepts and principles to be able design and tailor the sessions to you.

Full or half hour private 1:1 studio sessions 


Give us a call on 0117 9738319 or 07823 338 666 or email info@bristolphysiotherapyclinic.co.uk