Look at the difference a few running technique sessions and some hard work can do! Only 23 years old but couldn’t run for more than 7 minutes before shin pain kicked in on both legs.

Previously had been suggested to change his trainers but hadn’t had any affect.

So when he came to us we worked out it was a technical fault causing the pain.

We worked on reducing the amount of time he was spending on the floor (reducing the contact time) which helps enable the body to improve its weight absorption ability. We also amended his foot landing position (not how he landed but where). He was reducing the braking force by not landing out in front of his centre of mass (over striding). Posture improved and increasing heel height to help encourage the glutes and hamstrings to engage.

We also suggested working at high intensity for shorter periods (interval type training) because this has now been proven to be a better way of burning calories and therefore lose weight. This runner lost 3 stones over 3 months (and he wasn’t exactly overweight before hand).
He no longer has any pain in his shins and is loving his running more than ever.

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