“Jenny came round to my house to give me a full ergonomic assessment of my work computer set up and quickly identified a few easy wins which have hugely improved my posture when typing. I had been suffering from neck pain and headaches and while i still get the occasional sore neck from sitting at the computer all day things are so much better and still improving”

This is an objective assessment used to work out how a person works and interacts with their workspace, identifying any risks which may be contributing to a work relevant injury or impacting on an existing health condition.

This could be a display screen equipment and/or desk space assessment, or might include observing someone in their work environment, whether in a factory or warehouse for example.

Who is this useful for?

This is useful for anyone who is mainly desk based, using any form of display screen equipment (DSE), or anyone who feels that work related activities pain or discomfort they may have.

Conditions that are commonly work-relevant:

Lower back pain

Neck pain

Upper limb injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)


What does assessment include?

This will include a thorough subjective assessment of your injury and talking through your working day and lifestyle in general. The desk and workstation assessment (ergonomic assessment) might include a standard DSE assessment of your desk set up, which can be done remotely using photos, or can be done in your work place as a face to face session. It may also be necessary to take measurements of you and your work equipment to ensure that any recommendations made are appropriate for you.

You will then be advised on how to adjust or modify your set up, if this is appropriate, adapt the way in which you work, if this is recommended, and a series of strategies relevant to you and your work will be discussed- this might include relevant exercises or changes in the way you work aimed at alleviating your symptoms and allowing you to reduce the risk of recurrent work related injuries.

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