Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FOR most people going for a run involves pulling on a pair of trainers and taking to the streets but a Redland business is hoping to change that by sending its customers back to school.

Chris Kay, 22, and Richard Bricknell are launching The Running School at Bristol Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, in Redland Green, and hope the business will make running more accessible to all.

The aim of the school, which was founded in Chiswick, west London, is to teach its clients to run and then how to run faster.

Mr Kay said: “For a lot of people, even this most accessible and low-cost form of exercise is a no-go because of the pain it causes.

“Regular runners can struggle with recurring injuries, which can mean they are laid off exercise for weeks, even months.

“In many cases these niggles can be down to poor technique, placing strain on muscles and joints with every step of your run and that’s what we hope to change.”

The school teaches people of all ages efficient and effective running biomechanics, balance and form.

Mr Kay said they tailor-made training modules depending on the individual.

He said those struggling with injuries can learn to tweak technique to enable pain-free running, while regular runners wanting to improve speed can modify their style to find an extra yard of pace.