Rehabilitation from Injury

Injury is all part of sport! It is how you deal with it that makes the difference.

Ignoring an injury, resting and hoping it gets better can be enough but usually that is just the beginning. The problem is if you don’t know what compensations/limitations you have after the pain has gone, what other issues/injuries can it contribute to?! This is where the movement school specialises.

We look at the body as a whole and how each facet of it works with each other. For example a simple ankle sprain can create reduced balance receptors on the limb which can then affect the function of the musculature that stabilises the knee which in turn can create a vulnerability (increasing the potential of injury) at the knee.

The movement school looks at your history (even if you haven’t been injured before) and assesses your movement and biomechanics in great details to get the bottom of the cause as well as stopping and compensations post injury to enable you to return to sport in better shape that you left it (due to injury).

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We work specifically with sports such as:

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