Children learn so quickly which makes it the perfect time to learn a skill which they will have for life. Running is the foundation of almost all sports. Having this foundation built earlier in there sporting life will make huge differences to their other abilities.

The Running School for Kids starts from the age of 7 to 16 and we make it fun! Because it has to be fun!

We look at the way they move and the sport that they are involved in and we get them running more effectively and running a lot faster. We have a special running programme for kids, which takes into account their growth, their coordination, agility, size and ability.

The biggest thrill we get at The Running School is when we teach a young boy or girl to run! When you see them running effortlessly, efficiently and fast in just a few sessions, the joy on their faces when they realise how easy it is, the confidence they discover which was not there before, that makes what we do so worthwhile and so fulfilling!

We can teach anyone how to run and how to run faster! Most young athletes run by instinct and although very natural, they can pick-up bad habits that stay with them through the rest of their sporting career.

More importantly if they can’t run correctly it stops them from improving and in many cases puts them off sport and fitness throughout their school years and beyond and stops them from fulfilling their potential.


In our children’s programme we believe that we must focus initially on how to move and then how to run.

It begins with an analysis where we look at both the overall movement and co-ordination of the child as well their running technique. This is used to set a benchmark and to identify where the key improvements can be made.

Our coaching sessions with kids will then, depending on the findings of the analysis, incorporate a combination of running technique coaching, balance training and movement development using our unique Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) training system.