For all your pregnancy needs including pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor support and lower back pain.

Pregnancy and early motherhood is a time of great excitement, wonder and enormous change, both in terms of the demands made on your body and also on your time!

Whilst all mums undergo the normal changes associated with pregnancy; such as an increase in weight, a change in posture and centre of gravity, the stretching of abdominal muscles, a relaxation of ligaments supporting the joints, your own experience will be individual. For some mums, symptoms such as back pain or pelvic girdle pain will mean that they require some advice or treatment to help them to have a more positive and pain-free pregnancy as well as a positive post-natal experience. The good news is that with early support and specialist management these symptoms are treatable and recovery can be very much supported.

The Pregnancy MOT is a specially designed women’s health assessment for those going through pregnancy, from your 12 week scan onwards, for all your pregnancy needs including Pelvic Girdle Pain, Pelvic Floor support, and Lower Back pain. The Pregnancy MOT is at the higher price point due to the fact you will be issued with a report following the appointment to summarise all the advise in the session and we will cover things that we wouldn’t include in a normal physiotherapy assessment.

It can be appropriate also for women who are not experiencing pain or discomfort but want some reassurance throughout their pregnancy, or for women who have sustained a tear or trauma during their first labour and are wanting tools and tips to try to avoid this the second time around.

The check includes:

  • The option of an internal assessment of your pelvic floor strength and tips on how to correctly engage & release.
  • Address and treat a range of conditions you are presenting with throughout your pregnancy (see below.)
  • Advice on labour including comfortable positions, the risks and benefits of medical interventions to your pelvic floor and how to prepare your body for labour (performing perineal massage.)
  • Advice on how to minimise the risk of abdominal separation throughout pregnancy (teaching you how to perform safe abdominal exercises.)
  • Exercise tips. Knowing what is safe and unsafe during pregnancy and what’s advisable after giving birth.
  • Helpful tips following immediate birth, before your 6 week check. Includes: how to manage swelling, using the toilet, how to begin engaging your pelvic floor and scar management.
  • This check is still relevant for ladies who are having a planned c-section delivery.

Common pregnancy issues that can be addressed include:

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain (the pubic joint at the front or the 2 sacral joints at the back) and hip pain.
  • Lower or mid back pain.
  • Rib pain.
  • Carpal Tunnel symptoms.
  • History of problems using tampons / or with intercourse which may impact labour.
  • Swelling or other circulatory issues including varicose veins.