Does your child love sport?

Do other kids move better or run faster?

Worried about them getting injured?

Want them to play and LOVE sport for life?

If the answer is yes…

Then the Sports Movement Academy is the place for your child!

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If you are interested in improving your child’s sporting potential and seeing them gain great movement strength and skills that will set them up for all walks of life, then the Sports Movement Academy is catered for you and your child.

With our expert coaches delivering sessions and courses that play host to vital strength and sporting movement gains. We work with each athlete to ensure they are pushing forward towards their sporting goals and we ensure that they enjoy the process of becoming a better and well rounded athlete.

Growing young athletes into sport enthusiasts and complimenting competitiveness with fundamental skills and strengths.

We have a 3-tier system that we have engineered to maximise improvement in a huge avenue of a young athlete’s career.

Tier 1 – Growing interest, building confidence, solidifying good movement patterns, and developing fundamental skills.

Tier 2 – Developing skills, building strength, and encouraging speed, agility and clinical movements. Using more demanding movements to reach that next level in any sports.

Tier 3 – Maximising sporting development, a specific approach to dealing with completing a young athlete’s development for their chosen sports.