Chrissie Wellington – Four Times Ironman Champion

“I have been attending Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic since I moved to Bristol in early 2013. The clinic provides an amazing ‘one-stop-shop’ catering to everyone, no matter what their sport or level of athletic ability. The qualified and experienced practitioners are consummate professionals who take a holistic approach to injury prevention and treatment, and their knowledgeable, caring, skilled and individualised approach really is second to none. Regular massage, physio and acupuncture which has helped keep me injury free and enabled me to recover from the training I am doing to prepare for all my crazy adventures. It’s amazing that even one session can make a HUGE difference to me, both physically and mentally. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic to anyone!”

Oli Beckinsale – Professional Mountain Bike Rider

Oli represented Britain at the Olympic Games in 2000, 2004 and 2008, and England at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and 2006. Currently he rides for Endura, and is recovering from a horrendous injury suffered in Czech back in September. Rich and Chris from Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic have been helping Oli through his recovery and looking at helping him get back to his best form.

Oli commenting on his rehabilitation said: “Its been great having the support of Rich and Chris from Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic, helping me recover from my serious injury as quickly as possible.

Tom Wood – Professional Basketball Player

“I have been playing basketball for over four years now, this includes time with the under 16’s England team. However after a short time at this level constant injuries prevented me from taking part and progressing as a player. In 2009 I received an opportunity to play for a basketball team in Spain, after this I was recommended the Bristol physiotherapy clinic.

I have been working closely with Richard Bricknell to help me with any problems that could prevent me from playing. This has been extremely productive, I would not have been able to achieve this is it wasn’t for Richard, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional”.

Give up Running & Play Golf?!

“After more-than 10 years of nagging running injuries an Ortho. surgeon friend advised me to give up running and take up golf, injuries are par for the course at our age”. But those injuries are now history as a result of the great training and guidance from the Running School Bristol. Out on a recent training run I caught up with a lean and fit-looking runner, who said “You have such an easy and efficient style, are you a seasoned runner?” “Old, maybe, but that would be thanks to the Running School” I replied. I’m re-invigorated and able to train again. Amazing!”

Shockwave Therapy Success

“After spending 3 frustrating years dealing with the most annoying injury that on the surface doesn’t look or sound bad I have finally found some relief with Shockwave therapy!

I own SB Fitness,a boxing/ martial arts / strength & conditioning gym and I specialise in coaching boxing which means I constantly train boxers to hit focus mitts….probably the worst profession if you suffer from Golfers elbow as punches have damaged my tendons over the years.

After meeting the Physio I realised all the gadgets/ techniques I had been using weren’t worth it, or I had been using them in the wrong order.

He explained the right approach using shockwave therapy which basically breaks down and damages your muscle tissue and focuses on the root of the problem which is your tendons/ligaments.

Yes it’s very painful at the time…however the next day you feel the benefits. Your body has to rebuild itself because the machine damages you, so with the combined use of the electrical muscle stimulator afterwards Chris explained where I had been going wrong in the past, so we concentrated on strengthening my forearms using eccentric ( slow on the downward phase of lifting something up) and I started to improve as I wasn’t straining my elbow.

I can honestly say I am 80% better now and more importantly that’s with continuing with training clients, I think if I rested completely I would be cured!

Give it a go, spend some money and it will be worth it I guarantee it,expect to have 5-6 sessions and you will get results and the pain will disappear, they will help you with the future to keep strengthening those forearms!”

Running Coaching Experience 

“Just a quick email to thank you for your coaching over the past six months. It’s been a fantastic experience and I’ve learnt so much.

Your coaching methods were easy to follow and understand, I was able to introduce them into my running with no problems. You gave me challenging but achievable targets each time that gave a significant improvement to my running. Best of all, I am now hitting PBs almost every time I’m out on a race, I am injury free and fell good.

I am carrying on the good work you’ve done and bought a BOSU balance trainer. I can now do single leg squats, “running man” warm ups and the one legged exercise touching the exercise ball down at different angles. Of course I’m also using and improving on the run style and form you’ve coached me on.

Can’t wait to see the before and after videos.

Again, many thanks. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their running and will return latter to see how my style has kept/improved and for a VO2 Max test, Richard.”

New Personal Best

“I just wanted to say another thank you for the advice and assistance you gave me. I ended up having a good track season this year with a PB of 4.16 for 1500m and 16.20 for 5,000m. I also just did the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k at the weekend and came home in 33.04. I was massively pleased with this time and actually really enjoyed the run (unlike the Bristol 10k which I just found v painful!). I’m currently training for Bath Half and a couple of ultra marathons in the spring – I have brought forward the long term plan of getting into ultra trail running and am quite excited about the prospect (although I am not quite done with the road yet – I still have quite a few more aims to tick off!)”.

Patella Tendinopathy Success

“I had been to see many physios about an on-going running problem, causing me bad knee pain and leaving me out of action for months at a time. Chris was the only person that examined to me thoroughly, diagnosed what the problem was and knew how to treat it. He explained things in a language that I could understand and gave me simple steps to treat the problem. His knowledge of running technique has allowed me to change the way I run and have now been pain free for 5 months and running better than I ever have – he has fixed me! And also a pleasure to see and made things fun – not always easy when having a painful sports massage! Thanks Chris!”

ITB Pain Gone in 4 Sessions (After 6 Months of Pain Previously)

“Having spent 6 months undergoing physiotherapy to help my ITB syndrome, I was still getting that classic ITB related knee pain when running and was completely frustrated. My physiotherapist knew there was a technique issue but didn’t know how to correct it – out of ideas that more physio could help with, she knew of the running school in Bristol and recommended I give it a try.

From video analysis, everything about my technique (whether good or bad!) was explained to me, it made complete sense as to why I got this pain and moreover, why changing the way I was running could help. Chris taught me not only how to improve the way I was running but also gave me strengthening exercises to back this up – a handbook was sent to me which contained information about nutrition, hydration, warm up exercises and so on – a great holistic approach to better running.

After 4 sessions with Chris, my ITB pain has disappeared and although it did take some getting used to, the new technique is now feeling natural. Another benefit is I am now running at a 9 minute mile pace (previously 10 minutes was more my thing!)

I cannot emphasize highly enough the benefits I have seen from my course and I’m looking forward to smashing my PB in the Bath Half 2012. It’s seriously worth doing – even if I hadn’t gone in with knee pain, I would still have gained so much as my improved technique has really picked up my pace and I feel much more confident about my running. I’m sure I shall be back to learn more”.

Marathon Success

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the physios for the ultrasound on my foot and reassuring me that I would be able to get through the marathon despite the missed training! The race yesterday was fantastic, perfect conditions and the people of Brighton were incredible supporters. I’m very very happy to say that I smashed my sub 4 aim and came in at 3.45.42. Ran negative splits all the way as I felt pretty good at mile 18 so decided to speed up- clearly an enforced 6 week taper works! Thanks to all of you for all your help, I am one very happy runner. (Although I can’t really walk today!)”. Amy

Pain Free Marathon Success

“I just thought I’d let you know that I got round Bath in 1.43 yesterday. To be honest I was a little disappointed at the finish as I’d been on for a 1.38 and felt great over the first 10 miles, then my world fell apart.

However, I’m still trying to make myself understand that it’s 4 minutes faster than my previous PB which I set over 12 years ago.

More importantly I couldn’t run 2.5 miles 7 months ago and consequently I owe you a massive thank you for helping get me back on the road. I love being able to run again and I couldn’t before you fixed me.

Now it’s onwards for a couple of triathlons in May and June and then perhaps another half later in the year.”