Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with human function and movement and maximizing potential. It uses a variety of physical approaches to promote and maintain physical well being.

It is science based and Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic’s therapists ensure that evidence based practice, with clear objectives underpins all our treatment regimes.

We aim to provide comprehensive patient care to all in the local community through high clinical and professional standards and exceptional customer care. All our therapists undergo regular training to keep up to date and share their specialties, as collectively they have decades of experience and a wide range of expertise

What To Expect In A Physio Session With Us

Whether you are looking for a resolution to an injury or want to support yourself during a physiological challenge such as a sporting goal or pregnancy, our therapists can tailor a programme to optimise your health and wellbeing.

The majority of our clients are self-referred. They come to see us because they are pleased with the outcomes we’ve achieved with people they know, such as family and friends, who have recommended us as a result. We are a small, family run practice and look forward to welcoming you.


Your Physiotherapy pathway will start with an Initial Physiotherapy Assessment which is 1 hour long. It will include a thorough assessment of your injury and what may be causing it, a treatment to help ease the symptoms of the injury, and a personalised exercise programme to take away to rehabilitate your injury.

Physiotherapy is available at the Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic with one of our highly trained therapists. Once you have had your initial consultation and discussed your treatment options, your therapist will advise on how many follow-up sessions will facilitate your recovery and we offer care plan options to suit your needs.

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