As a runner/consumer/athlete you have on many occasions been offered the opportunity to have your gait analysed in 10 minutes so you can be fitted with a new pair of running shoes. Good idea you think as you get knee pain, shin splints, or back pain when you a run, so it would be good to look at the shoes.


So the specialist in the shop videos your gait from the Knee downwards at a slow speed and within 5 minutes tells you that your running technique causes you to pronate/supanate/ or is neutral and then offers a shoe that corrects the problem. You take the advice purchase the shoes and carry on running and the problem is still there. So you go and see a podiatrist and he does a similar analysis and checks your gait from the knee downwards and suggests you need orthotics so he measures you feet makes the orthotics and then you carry on running. Maybe the pain goes away maybe not.


The running coach videos your running technique from top to bottom. How the arms are moving, what the torso is doing how the mid-section is responding, how the legs are moving and finally how the feet are landing. They talks you through the findings and identifies the weaknesses and then starts making corrections to how the “whole” body performs the Running Technique to make you run more efficiently. You practice your technique to see how that would affect the feet landing and then you go and purchase a new pair of shoes.

Running Technique is not the way your foot lands, it is the way your whole body moves! If you have a problem or you want to get faster you don’t change your shoes you look at what is going on in the whole of the body.

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